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Each Learn 2 Live forum is divided into three parts. Attendants will first experience NOBLE’s recently developed presentation, “The Law & Your Community,” which is designed to provide insight and understanding into three key subject matters. Law enforcement and community policing is the first. The second is an individual’s legal rights. The third subject equips attendants with a set of law enforcement rules of engagement, which includes recommended legal steps to follow in the event that an individual feel as though his or her rights have been violated in a police encounter. The rules of engagement provide a strategic game plan when forced to deal with law enforcement personnel during a traffic stop, in the community or if they are called to your home setting. An experienced NOBLE trainer ensures that information is disseminated in a professional and comprehensible manner consistent with the programs design and intent.

The second component of each forum allows persons to experience a set of simulated mock police encounters. Youth volunteers are selected from each forum’s audience to participate in staged scenarios that combine engaging interactive activity with visual learning to reinforce critical concepts, ideas and information that may literally save their life.

The forum concludes with an interactive panel discussion featuring members of local and state police departments as well as from other agencies or organizations affiliated with the law enforcement system qualified to add constructive value to the panel. The panel discussion allows student and community attendants to engage in dialogue with local law enforcement personnel in a non-threatening question and answer format that allows both parties to breed familiarity, dispel misconceptions and ill-conceived notions while enlightening and cultivating positive thinking and appropriate action. This format also allows police intimate interaction and dialogue with the persons who they have sworn to protect and serve. 

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