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Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. has launched a national initiative entitled, “Learn 2 Live,” a collaborative effort with the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) to formally address one of the most critical issues affecting people of color in the United States. Incidents of racial profiling, a lack of comprehensive policing policies, and the increasing frequency of tragic outcomes between law enforcement and persons of color have produced an environment of anger and frustration, widening the trust gap between police and communities of color. In fact, the subject of policing in African-American communities is arguably the largest civil rights issue of our current generation. While the road to equity in social justice and the process of “bridge building” is long, complicated and requires a multi-pronged course of action, Kappa Alpha Psi and NOBLE are committed to the journey. This initiative is the first step, featuring a series of 100 community forums nationwide between its launch date through 2019.

The “Learn 2 Live” initiative provides immediate grass roots training that will equip current and future generations of young persons of color with information, education, and instruction that may literally save their lives. The program content is designed by an African-American police organization and a historically black fraternal organization to provide insight and understanding into three key subject matters. Law enforcement and community policing is the first. The second is an individual’s legal rights. The third subject equips attendants with a set of law enforcement rules of engagement, which include recommended legal steps to follow in the event that an individual feel as though his or her rights have been violated in a police encounter. The rules of engagement provide a strategic game plan when forced to deal with law enforcement personnel during a traffic stop, in the community at large or if they are called to your home setting.

“Learn 2 Live” will provide persons:

  • Increased awareness on law enforcement and community policing

  • Statistical perspective of persons of color and the legal system

  • Factual understanding of legal rights

  • Practical strategies and tools to utilize when dealing with police

  • Opportunity for more desirable outcomes when encountering law enforcement officials.



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