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The initiative is not an indictment, proclamation, sweeping generalization or statement of condemnation on police or policing. In fact, Kappa Alpha Psi and NOBLE both acknowledge the need for and importance of policing, recognizing the thousands of dedicated upstanding persons who wear a badge with honor and dignity throughout the United States. However, recent events, growing tensions and increasing statistics of tragic outcomes have made the subject of policing in African-American communities a hot button topic, making this initiative necessary.  We are providing information, educating and training for youth in order to prepare them for law enforcement encounters in whatever setting they might occur.  

The Learn 2 Live initiative will feature a total of 100 forums in various cities across the country, from the initiative’s launch date through August 2019. The forums target young persons of color who stand in harms way as potential victims of tragic outcomes resulting from encounters with law enforcement personnel. More specifically, the target age span includes middle school; high school, college aged students as well as young persons of color in their twenties. 

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